Deciding the Dress: For the Bride

Many different options are involved when choosing the perfect wedding dress. You must choose a veil, neckline, waistline, skirt, and train. Within each of those areas there are many styles to consider. This post guides you through each of the components of a wedding dress in order to help you choose the best fit for you.

. . . . .

First, veils are the most iconic feature that a bride can incorporate into her wedding attire. The many lengths of veils correspond to the type of ceremony that is chosen. However, there are many things to consider when picking out a veil.

  • The blusher is not a veil alone, it is merely an addition
  • The most popular is the elbow length
  •  Shoulder length veils are uncommon
  •  Fingertip length veils aren’t typically paired with dresses that have trains
  • Drama increases as the length of the veil increases

When choosing your veil it is extremely important to consider your venue, party attire, and your personality. If you are looking for a causal event then maybe you want to look into the elbow or fingertip lengths. On the other hand, if you want an elegant wedding with drama the chapel and cathedral lengths might be more your style.Veil- Copy

Second, there are seven necklines to choose from including: Square, Sweetheart, Boat, Scoop, Jewel, V-neck, and Surplice. It is extremely important to consider your upper body. In order to look like the perfect bride, the neckline must not be too bulky or too revealing. More busty brides should lean toward Scoop, Boat, and Jewel necklines. Small chested ladies would look better in Sweetheart, Square, and Surplice necklines.

Necklines - Copy

Third, a waistline that will prove to be flattering is essential. All women want to look skinny and this is where that can be made possible. Avoiding a dress that will drown or suffocate the bride is an absolute must. Slimmer women might look more toward the Basque or Drop waists. Meanwhile heavier set women might lean toward the Empire Waist or Princess Seam.

Waistlines- Copy

Fourth, skirts add personality to any dress. For a more simple and conservative look the Fanback or Streamers styles would be the way to go. Bubbles, Overskirts, and Bustles create a princess feel while Tiered and Flounce seem punk. There are many statements that can be made by the skirt of a dress; make sure your decision reflects how your guests should see you.

Skirt - Copy

Fifth, one of the most iconic aspects of a wedding dress is the train. The different styles of trains can match the level of formality of your wedding. Of the trains shown below, they become more formal as you move to the right. For example, a simple outdoor wedding would most likely feature a bride with a Sweep train. However, a bride with a Watteau train belongs to an upscale wedding in a vineyard.

Trains - Copy

No matter what type of wedding you are planning, choosing the right dress is a must. Be careful when inviting friends and family to accompany you. They have to be supportive of you and focus on what is best for you, not them. Say Yes to The Dress is a fun tv show to watch when thinking about your dress. They have a wide range of styles and could be helpful in your search.

Every groom deserves to look back and see their bride as more beautiful than they ever have before. Let love be your inspiration for your wedding day decisions. I hope this has been helpful and good luck! Feel free to comment below!

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