The Reception: Wedding Cakes

On average, nationally, wedding cakes/desserts cost $451 and are expected to jump to $466 in 2014. This is a major difference from 2012 when $437 was the average. When you are talking about spending that much money it is important to know about what you are buying and why.

History of the Wedding Cake

The first wedding cakes have been traced back to the Roman Empire. However, they weren’t even actually cakes! They were loaves of barley bread. When the time came, the groom would break it over his bride’s head. Then the couple would take the crumbs together while the guests gathered up pieces for good luck. From barley loaves to small spice buns stacked high, the evolution of the wedding cake moved forward. It was believed that if the bride and groom were able to kiss over the stack of spice buns they would prosper. From there the bride pie took over. Inside this was a ring; the woman who found it would be the next to marry. This was then replaced by the bride’s cake (wedding cake).

Many other connections to the role of a wedding cake have also been made:

  1. The bride and groom must cut the first slice.
  2. All the guests must have at least a bite of cake to bless the couple with children.
  3. Eating of the cake beforehand could result in a loss of the other’s love.Wedding Cake - Copy

Groom’s Cake

Somewhere between the engagement and the honeymoon the groom may seem to be shelved. The groom’s cake is a tradition that has a long history of giving the man of the hour his time to shine.

The groom’s cake is normally made of dark chocolate and many contain fruit. The fruit dates back to when the tradition began; they were fruitcakes. It may appear however the groom chooses. It is popular for the cake to be decorated as a tux and bowtie, but  it’s also common to show the interests of the man as well. This cake is NOT normally served to the guests when the wedding cake is during the reception. However, it has a more important purpose. This dessert is eaten by the groomsmen, and the remaining pieces are pre-cut and packaged to send home with all the single women at your wedding. It has been said that if she is to sleep with it under her pillow, she will see her husband-to-be in a dream.Groom's Cake 2 - Copy

Cake Boss

Cake Boss is a TV show on TLC that follows a family bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. They are well-known for their work and make many exotic cakes. For fun ideas, this is a cool show to watch. If it’s convenient then maybe Buddy could even bake a cake for your wedding!Cake Boss

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