The Honeymoon

The honeymoon is a time to get away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the person you just married. There are many things to consider when planning this getaway, but don’t forget its true purpose. Enjoy the time with the one you love!

History of

As with the tradition of the engagement ring, the honeymoon has a long-running history. It may come as a surprise that this began with the man kidnapping a woman of his choice. With the help of his groomsmen, she would be thrown on top of a horseHorse, giving “swept off her feet” a whole new meaning, and taken into hiding until her family gave up the search for her. It was determined that the period of time in secrecy would last approximately a month. During this time, they two were to drink mead, a combination of water and honey, to guarantee having sons. Now, if you take the honey from mead and tack on moon, which comes from the month during which it would experience all of its phases, you get what we refer now as the honeymoon. This is a LOT different than the honeymoon that newlyweds share today, but it’s a fun fact to know.

Top Places

US News gives the top twenty places to honeymoon as of 2013. The list includes: Santorini, Maui, Kauai, Crete, Venice, Florence, Martinique, Bora Bora, Turks and Caicos, Maldives, and more. Meanwhile, The Huffington Post gives the top ten honeymoon destinations of 2013 as New Zealand, Cancun, Luxury Resort Ayada-MaldivesMaldives, Bali, Thailand, and more. No matter who you talk to you will always get a different answer of what the best place to go is. To find out the true answer talk with your loved one. Who knows what you two will enjoy more than yourselves. Everyone has a different idea of perfect! Also, everyone has a different budget. You might have to do some shopping around; a few sites to look online are Hotwire, Sandals, Expedia, and Honeymoons. One way to ensure that you stay within your budget is to go to an all-inclusive resort. They are very beautiful and all the costs are upfront, no surprises. You can get the trip of your dreams; many place offer specials for honeymoons, so don’t forget to ask!

Romantic Activities

Me and My LoveWe all know the most frequently chosen activity that couples do on their honeymoon. What about the other times? There are many romantic ways to spend your honeymoon. Don’t forget what being in love is truly about. Romance is longed for by women and men; keep your love light and fun this day and every day of your lives.

Guests: Invites, Guest Books, and Thank You Cards


Invitations are the first opportunity to share your wedding with friends and family. By incorporating the theme/color scheme and providing necessary details: who, what, when, where, why, etc. Choosing the right invitation shows your guests what to expect and how they should dress. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when picking out wedding invitations. You can choose anything from a simple DIY card to a pricy invitation with all the add-ins: tissue paper, wallet photo, event reminder, etc. Or maybe matching your theme by sending a more unique invite is more your style. As long as it fits your wedding and informs the guests, it has met its purpose!

  • SimpleDIY
  • ComplexComplex
  • ThemedTheme

Guest Books

Guest books are a great something to look back on and reminisce. They can remind you of who attended your celebration, and they are in the guests’ handwriting. There are many ways to approach them. You can choose more than one, because most couples place on at the entrance of their wedding and reception. A more traditional guest book is used for the wedding ceremony and a more contemporary for the reception. There isn’t too much room for personalization in the traditional books, but the book for the reception can be practically anything.

  • Traditional BooksTraditional
  • Fun Reception BooksReception
  • ThemedGuest Book for Sports Fans

Thank You Cards

Just like with the invitations and guest books, there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes time to send out thank you cards. You can write up one thank you that is a cover all card and send the same one out to everyone. These often thank the guest(s) for attending your celebration and/or giving a gift to the newlyweds. In many cases they include a picture of the happy couple at the wedding or during engagement. A more personal approach is appreciated more and can come in many forms. A less personalized card with a blank inside can be used, or you can have cards made specifically for you. Popular personalizations include a picture of the bride and groom or the last name of the couple. These are sometimes not an option because they will by more costly. As long as your guests hear kind words of appreciation from you afterwards, they will be satisfied that you met social convention.

  • StandardizedThank you
  • Personal and SimpleBlank inside
  • Personal and PriceyPricey

Color Schemes and Themes

One of the most important details you decide on is the color scheme or theme; it plays a role in almost every corner of the planning. You need to make sure that it is something you love, because it will incorporated into what your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear, your bouquet/boutonniere, the decorations of your venue, the tables at your reception, and the invitations you send to your family and friends. So it is crucial that you don’t let an employee at a store or a friend choose it for you. Sit down with your loved one and look at different color pallets until you find that perfect scheme or theme.

Color Schemes

There are many ways to approach color schemes. You can look through paint swatches in stores, choose colors of meaning to your relationship, match it to something you already have and want to use in the wedding, or Google wedding color schemes.

Paint SwatchesPaint Swatches: This is a fun way to get ideas. Go to any local store and browse the paint swatches. It is a good way to get to know what your loved one likes. A major benefit to this is that you can physically hold colors next to each other to see what you think. They also have brochures to help coordinate colors.

Meaning: This can be anything! For example, my love Love Together Forevergave me a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the first year of our dating relationship. It contained red and crème roses along with a white tulip. He had researched the meaning of flowers and got as close as he could to what he found. A red rose symbolizes love, a red rose with a white rose represents unity, and a cream tulip means “I will love you forever.” This can be modified to work with any tangible item or choose a flower to be the star of your theme based on its meaning.

Match itMatch it: Let’s say you have decided to hold your wedding in a church with dark red pews or wear an heirloom with a large turquoise stone. These can be used to pull your wedding color scheme from. Pairing these colors with complements, neutrals, or simply using the pallet they’re from are all ways to develop a simple item into a beautiful wedding.

Google: This is an easy one; get on your computer and do a Google search to give your ideas. Also, this is method can be used as just a starting point.


Some couples choose to abide by a theme. This doesn’t have to be like a prom; there are sophisticated options for weddings. Pulling a common interest and adapting to a venue are easy ways to come up with themes that fit you on your special day.

Common Interest: Common interests bring people together every day; why not feature yours at your wedding?

  • Entertainment—Entertainment can encompass a wide variety of things. Some couples may have a common interest for reading books, watching movies, going on picnics, or painting. These can be used to bring some personality to your wedding as well as stand as conversation starters among family and friends.
  • Sports—Decorating your wedding with bats, shin guards, footballs, or basketballs can show off your shared love of sports. It would also be fun for your guests! Also, displaying pictures of the two of you together or with your family and friends is an easy, inexpensive way to decorate and entertain.S2
  • Foods—Sometimes a shared love of food can bring people together. For a couple that loves Chinese they could use fortune cookies, takeout containers, and Chinese letters in inventive ways.
  • Field of Study—For a Field of Studycouple who work within the same field, classic icons of their profession can be incorporated into the planning. An example would be a doctor and nurse getting married. They could primarily feature the colors red and white. Also, their reception could include a dessert bar with theme provoked foods.

Adapt to Venue: Playing off your venue is an easy way to follow a theme. If you are planning a simple church wedding this may not be the best option for you. However, the more nontraditional settings allow for easily derived theme options.

  • Beach Wedding—When planning a beach wedding there are many themes that become appropriate. For example, you could choose a nautical theme, sunset on the beach theme, ocean wildlife theme, or the typical beach theme.Nautical Theme
  • Wedding in a Barn—Barn weddings offer a completely different set of possibilities. The typical country theme is most common, but others like southern, rustic antique, and down ‘n dirty are fitting.Southern Theme

Deciding the Dress: Attire for Men

The focus of a wedding is often the bride and her beautiful white gown, but what about the man of the hour? This blog is going to address him along with the groomsmen. There are just as many options for men as there are for women, if not more. Hopefully this helps you get an idea of what will be best for your wedding.

Take Notes: Before heading out to find clothing for the boys, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The main ones are the type of wedding you are creating and your wedding color scheme/theme. These all impact the way the groom and his men should dress.

Primary Attire

When shopping for the right attire for the men it is important to match them to the event. It would ridiculous to see them in black tie while at an extremely laid back wedding during the day. On the other hand, wearing khakis and a button up for a wedding that a four course meal follows is equally absurd. Don’t embarrass them; make them look jaw dropping in any scene.

CasualBackyard Bash: For more simple weddings a casual look seems most appropriate. Lean toward khakis and button ups or two piece suits. Decorations of the wedding and the bride’s dress depend on where you should fall; the happy couple should always complement for pictures. Therefore, if the bride chooses a floor length satin gown, the groom should be in a two piece suit. Casual dress provides many options. Men can wear ties or leave the top button open, tie tacks are optional, vests might fit your style, cufflinks can be worn, or pocket squares to add color.

Cozy Church Celebration: Weddings in churches require a little bit more guidelines to meet. Here it may seem better to wear a two or three piece suit. It depends on what the men are comfortable in. For aAbove Casual man who wears a suit to work every day it would be reasonable to expect to see him in a three piece suit. On the other hand, someone who works in jeans and a button up may only want to wear a two piece suit. Both work perfectly, so it’s really a personal opinion call.

FancyFancy Festivity: A time to dress your best may be in order. Exceptionally classy weddings beckon for black tie attire. It is common for the groom and his men to wear crazy socks at this type of event. That is a fun and appropriate way to add some personality to the party, but be careful not to take away from the elegance of the wedding with other, no so suitable, accessories. It may also be fitting to give the groomsmen pocket squares that match the color scheme; this can be done with vests as well.


Boutonnieres are a fun accessory to add to the groom and his groomsmen. This is an easy way to add your wedding colors to the men since they are available in every color you can possibly image. A simple white or crème bloom looks elegant as well. When designing a boutonniere, the size of it is important to monitor. A rule to follow is to avoid anything larger than a Boutineer1golf ball. It starts to look silly instead of classy as the size increases. One or two, depending on the flower, is appropriate. They don’t even have to be made of flowers. Over the years, many other small objects have been used to create them. An example would be shells for a beach wedding. Boutonnieres should always be worn on the left side of the body, just below the collarbone.


Standing Out

When looking at the men standing at the altar, picking out the lucky guy is a must. There are many ways to make the groom stand out; here are a few to consider. In a casual wedding, the groom may include elements to dress him up a bit more than the other men. For example, he can add a vest or tie. In a casual yet fancy ceremony, the groomsmen may wear a different color suit than the groom. In a highly sophisticated wedding, the man of the hour can wear all white or strictly black and white, while the groomsmen wear black and white or incorporate colors of the wedding.Stand Out