Deciding the Dress: Attire for Men

The focus of a wedding is often the bride and her beautiful white gown, but what about the man of the hour? This blog is going to address him along with the groomsmen. There are just as many options for men as there are for women, if not more. Hopefully this helps you get an idea of what will be best for your wedding.

Take Notes: Before heading out to find clothing for the boys, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The main ones are the type of wedding you are creating and your wedding color scheme/theme. These all impact the way the groom and his men should dress.

Primary Attire

When shopping for the right attire for the men it is important to match them to the event. It would ridiculous to see them in black tie while at an extremely laid back wedding during the day. On the other hand, wearing khakis and a button up for a wedding that a four course meal follows is equally absurd. Don’t embarrass them; make them look jaw dropping in any scene.

CasualBackyard Bash: For more simple weddings a casual look seems most appropriate. Lean toward khakis and button ups or two piece suits. Decorations of the wedding and the bride’s dress depend on where you should fall; the happy couple should always complement for pictures. Therefore, if the bride chooses a floor length satin gown, the groom should be in a two piece suit. Casual dress provides many options. Men can wear ties or leave the top button open, tie tacks are optional, vests might fit your style, cufflinks can be worn, or pocket squares to add color.

Cozy Church Celebration: Weddings in churches require a little bit more guidelines to meet. Here it may seem better to wear a two or three piece suit. It depends on what the men are comfortable in. For aAbove Casual man who wears a suit to work every day it would be reasonable to expect to see him in a three piece suit. On the other hand, someone who works in jeans and a button up may only want to wear a two piece suit. Both work perfectly, so it’s really a personal opinion call.

FancyFancy Festivity: A time to dress your best may be in order. Exceptionally classy weddings beckon for black tie attire. It is common for the groom and his men to wear crazy socks at this type of event. That is a fun and appropriate way to add some personality to the party, but be careful not to take away from the elegance of the wedding with other, no so suitable, accessories. It may also be fitting to give the groomsmen pocket squares that match the color scheme; this can be done with vests as well.


Boutonnieres are a fun accessory to add to the groom and his groomsmen. This is an easy way to add your wedding colors to the men since they are available in every color you can possibly image. A simple white or crème bloom looks elegant as well. When designing a boutonniere, the size of it is important to monitor. A rule to follow is to avoid anything larger than a Boutineer1golf ball. It starts to look silly instead of classy as the size increases. One or two, depending on the flower, is appropriate. They don’t even have to be made of flowers. Over the years, many other small objects have been used to create them. An example would be shells for a beach wedding. Boutonnieres should always be worn on the left side of the body, just below the collarbone.


Standing Out

When looking at the men standing at the altar, picking out the lucky guy is a must. There are many ways to make the groom stand out; here are a few to consider. In a casual wedding, the groom may include elements to dress him up a bit more than the other men. For example, he can add a vest or tie. In a casual yet fancy ceremony, the groomsmen may wear a different color suit than the groom. In a highly sophisticated wedding, the man of the hour can wear all white or strictly black and white, while the groomsmen wear black and white or incorporate colors of the wedding.Stand Out

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