Guests: Invites, Guest Books, and Thank You Cards


Invitations are the first opportunity to share your wedding with friends and family. By incorporating the theme/color scheme and providing necessary details: who, what, when, where, why, etc. Choosing the right invitation shows your guests what to expect and how they should dress. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when picking out wedding invitations. You can choose anything from a simple DIY card to a pricy invitation with all the add-ins: tissue paper, wallet photo, event reminder, etc. Or maybe matching your theme by sending a more unique invite is more your style. As long as it fits your wedding and informs the guests, it has met its purpose!

  • SimpleDIY
  • ComplexComplex
  • ThemedTheme

Guest Books

Guest books are a great something to look back on and reminisce. They can remind you of who attended your celebration, and they are in the guests’ handwriting. There are many ways to approach them. You can choose more than one, because most couples place on at the entrance of their wedding and reception. A more traditional guest book is used for the wedding ceremony and a more contemporary for the reception. There isn’t too much room for personalization in the traditional books, but the book for the reception can be practically anything.

  • Traditional BooksTraditional
  • Fun Reception BooksReception
  • ThemedGuest Book for Sports Fans

Thank You Cards

Just like with the invitations and guest books, there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes time to send out thank you cards. You can write up one thank you that is a cover all card and send the same one out to everyone. These often thank the guest(s) for attending your celebration and/or giving a gift to the newlyweds. In many cases they include a picture of the happy couple at the wedding or during engagement. A more personal approach is appreciated more and can come in many forms. A less personalized card with a blank inside can be used, or you can have cards made specifically for you. Popular personalizations include a picture of the bride and groom or the last name of the couple. These are sometimes not an option because they will by more costly. As long as your guests hear kind words of appreciation from you afterwards, they will be satisfied that you met social convention.

  • StandardizedThank you
  • Personal and SimpleBlank inside
  • Personal and PriceyPricey

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