Color Schemes and Themes

One of the most important details you decide on is the color scheme or theme; it plays a role in almost every corner of the planning. You need to make sure that it is something you love, because it will incorporated into what your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear, your bouquet/boutonniere, the decorations of your venue, the tables at your reception, and the invitations you send to your family and friends. So it is crucial that you don’t let an employee at a store or a friend choose it for you. Sit down with your loved one and look at different color pallets until you find that perfect scheme or theme.

Color Schemes

There are many ways to approach color schemes. You can look through paint swatches in stores, choose colors of meaning to your relationship, match it to something you already have and want to use in the wedding, or Google wedding color schemes.

Paint SwatchesPaint Swatches: This is a fun way to get ideas. Go to any local store and browse the paint swatches. It is a good way to get to know what your loved one likes. A major benefit to this is that you can physically hold colors next to each other to see what you think. They also have brochures to help coordinate colors.

Meaning: This can be anything! For example, my love Love Together Forevergave me a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the first year of our dating relationship. It contained red and crème roses along with a white tulip. He had researched the meaning of flowers and got as close as he could to what he found. A red rose symbolizes love, a red rose with a white rose represents unity, and a cream tulip means “I will love you forever.” This can be modified to work with any tangible item or choose a flower to be the star of your theme based on its meaning.

Match itMatch it: Let’s say you have decided to hold your wedding in a church with dark red pews or wear an heirloom with a large turquoise stone. These can be used to pull your wedding color scheme from. Pairing these colors with complements, neutrals, or simply using the pallet they’re from are all ways to develop a simple item into a beautiful wedding.

Google: This is an easy one; get on your computer and do a Google search to give your ideas. Also, this is method can be used as just a starting point.


Some couples choose to abide by a theme. This doesn’t have to be like a prom; there are sophisticated options for weddings. Pulling a common interest and adapting to a venue are easy ways to come up with themes that fit you on your special day.

Common Interest: Common interests bring people together every day; why not feature yours at your wedding?

  • Entertainment—Entertainment can encompass a wide variety of things. Some couples may have a common interest for reading books, watching movies, going on picnics, or painting. These can be used to bring some personality to your wedding as well as stand as conversation starters among family and friends.
  • Sports—Decorating your wedding with bats, shin guards, footballs, or basketballs can show off your shared love of sports. It would also be fun for your guests! Also, displaying pictures of the two of you together or with your family and friends is an easy, inexpensive way to decorate and entertain.S2
  • Foods—Sometimes a shared love of food can bring people together. For a couple that loves Chinese they could use fortune cookies, takeout containers, and Chinese letters in inventive ways.
  • Field of Study—For a Field of Studycouple who work within the same field, classic icons of their profession can be incorporated into the planning. An example would be a doctor and nurse getting married. They could primarily feature the colors red and white. Also, their reception could include a dessert bar with theme provoked foods.

Adapt to Venue: Playing off your venue is an easy way to follow a theme. If you are planning a simple church wedding this may not be the best option for you. However, the more nontraditional settings allow for easily derived theme options.

  • Beach Wedding—When planning a beach wedding there are many themes that become appropriate. For example, you could choose a nautical theme, sunset on the beach theme, ocean wildlife theme, or the typical beach theme.Nautical Theme
  • Wedding in a Barn—Barn weddings offer a completely different set of possibilities. The typical country theme is most common, but others like southern, rustic antique, and down ‘n dirty are fitting.Southern Theme

Who to Choose: What Will They Do?

There are many things to prepare for a wedding and many people involved to help. This post will serve as a guide of who has what tasks.


Bride and Groom

The bride and groom work together for the majority of the wedding and planning. For them to have a day that is truly about the both of them they must work together to get what they both want. That includes everything from choosing the date and sending out thank you cards. However, there is so much in between. They must decide upon a venue, invitations, officiant, theme/color scheme, flowers, photographer, wedding cake, and picking out rings (the groom buys the bride’s ring and the bride buys the groom’s ring). Also, they must set a budget (unless that is set for them by whoever is helping pay for the wedding).


Although the bride shares many tasks which her groom, she still has choices to make on her own. First, she picks her maid of honor and bridesmaids. To thank them she organizes a bridesmaids’ luncheon where she will present them with gifts to show her appreciation of their hard work. Second, the bride buys her groom a gift. She might also prepare vows to share her love with him, if they choose to do so.Bride - Copy


The groom also has his fair share of additional tasks for the big day, more than the bride even. First, he must choose his best man and groomsmen; the groom also picks their clothing. He will buy them thank you gifts to reward them for their hard work just like the bride does for her ladies. Second, the groom buys his bride a wedding gift. He would write vows for her also, again only if they decided to share vows on their wedding day. Third, he pays for their marriage license along with the fee for the officiant. Lastly, the groom reserves rooms at a nearby hotel for guests who will be traveling for the wedding.Groom - Copy

Bride’s Parents

Over time the tradition that the bride’s parents pay for all wedding expenses has somewhat went away. They still help, but the groom’s parents and the bride and groom open their wallets too. However, the bride’s parents have roles that aren’t as well known. Together they help with the guest list as needed and host the couples’ first engagement party. Along with lending a hand whenever their daughter needs advice. They do separate on a few details:

  • The mother of the bride typically only has one additional task. She is to tell the groom’s mother what she has picked out to wear for the wedding so that their outfits don’t clash.
  • The father on the other hand has many responsibilities for his daughter’s wedding. The most well-known role of the father is to walk his little girl down the aisle on the big day, probably the most important and tear-jerking task for him. Then, he gets to spend some quality time with her during the father-daughter dance at the reception. The bride’s father has many other jobs that he must attend to after the reception, making sure everyone gets paid!Bride's Parents - Copy

Groom’s Parents

The groom’s parents also throw an engagement party for the bride and groom is they wish, only after the bride’s parents have done theirs (if the groom’s parents choose not to host an engagement party then friends of the bride and groom are allowed to). They also help with the guest list. Their most important task as the groom’s parents is to organize and hold the couple’s rehearsal dinner, which is normally the night before the wedding. They may give money to help with the wedding just like the bride’s parents do.Groom's Parents - Copy

Maid of Honor

The maid of honor, honor attendant if this role is given to a boy, is the most helpful person for the bride. She throws a bridal shower and bachelorette party for the bride along with many other smaller tasks. The maid of honor helps the bride with dresses and any other job she is asked. During the wedding, she witnesses the marriage of the bride and groom and signs their license. She also tends to all the details of the bride throughout. The maid of honor fixes the bride’s train and veil as needed along with holding her bouquet. After the wedding, the maid of honor helps the bride get ready to go on her honeymoon.

It is extremely important to choose the right maid of honor because she (or he) is involved in almost every aspect of the wedding. Someone like Jane from 27 Dresses would be a better choice than Tom in Made of Honor.Maid of Honor


The bridesmaids do not have any exclusive jobs. They do not have as much responsibility as the maid of honor, but they help her with her tasks. Whatever the maid of honor needs the bridesmaids are ready to help. They also directly help the bride along the way.Bridesmaids - Copy

Flower Girl

The flower girl simply has to look cute and walk down the aisle. She can drop flower petals as she walks or just carry a small bouquet of her own. The flower girl is normally no older than 8, but just be careful not to go so young that she isn’t comfortable with her job.

Flower Girl - Copy

Best Man

The best man is the groom’s equivalent of the maid of honor; he is just as important as she is too. He is the other signature on the bride and groom’s wedding license. He has to throw the groom a bachelor party, make sure all the men in the wedding have the right clothes, confirms honeymoon reservations the day before, returns all rented items after the wedding, and much more. He toasts the couple at their rehearsal dinner and reception following the wedding ceremony. The best man is responsible for bringing the groom’s clothes to him and getting him to the wedding on time. The best man keeps track of the bride’s wedding ring and the money to be given to the officiant. After the reception is coming to a close, the best man is responsible for getting the bride and groom’s bags into their car and well as decorating it.Best Man - Copy


The groomsmen are in the same boat as the bridesmaids. They have no additional responsibilities, but are there for support. If the groom and best man need something done, they may be asked to take on a task or two. For the most part, groomsmen help with the bachelor party and show up early to the wedding to help wherever they are needed.Groomsmen - Copy

Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is similar to the flower girl, but is given more responsibility. The ring bearer is normally a young boy, about the same age as the flower girl, who walks down the aisle with a satin pillow, often at the same time as the flower girl. The pillow holds the bride and groom’s wedding rings. When the time comes, the best man and maid of honor take the rings from the pillow and give them to the bride and groom to exchange.Ring Bearer - Copy