Deciding the Dress: Attire for Men

The focus of a wedding is often the bride and her beautiful white gown, but what about the man of the hour? This blog is going to address him along with the groomsmen. There are just as many options for men as there are for women, if not more. Hopefully this helps you get an idea of what will be best for your wedding.

Take Notes: Before heading out to find clothing for the boys, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The main ones are the type of wedding you are creating and your wedding color scheme/theme. These all impact the way the groom and his men should dress.

Primary Attire

When shopping for the right attire for the men it is important to match them to the event. It would ridiculous to see them in black tie while at an extremely laid back wedding during the day. On the other hand, wearing khakis and a button up for a wedding that a four course meal follows is equally absurd. Don’t embarrass them; make them look jaw dropping in any scene.

CasualBackyard Bash: For more simple weddings a casual look seems most appropriate. Lean toward khakis and button ups or two piece suits. Decorations of the wedding and the bride’s dress depend on where you should fall; the happy couple should always complement for pictures. Therefore, if the bride chooses a floor length satin gown, the groom should be in a two piece suit. Casual dress provides many options. Men can wear ties or leave the top button open, tie tacks are optional, vests might fit your style, cufflinks can be worn, or pocket squares to add color.

Cozy Church Celebration: Weddings in churches require a little bit more guidelines to meet. Here it may seem better to wear a two or three piece suit. It depends on what the men are comfortable in. For aAbove Casual man who wears a suit to work every day it would be reasonable to expect to see him in a three piece suit. On the other hand, someone who works in jeans and a button up may only want to wear a two piece suit. Both work perfectly, so it’s really a personal opinion call.

FancyFancy Festivity: A time to dress your best may be in order. Exceptionally classy weddings beckon for black tie attire. It is common for the groom and his men to wear crazy socks at this type of event. That is a fun and appropriate way to add some personality to the party, but be careful not to take away from the elegance of the wedding with other, no so suitable, accessories. It may also be fitting to give the groomsmen pocket squares that match the color scheme; this can be done with vests as well.


Boutonnieres are a fun accessory to add to the groom and his groomsmen. This is an easy way to add your wedding colors to the men since they are available in every color you can possibly image. A simple white or crème bloom looks elegant as well. When designing a boutonniere, the size of it is important to monitor. A rule to follow is to avoid anything larger than a Boutineer1golf ball. It starts to look silly instead of classy as the size increases. One or two, depending on the flower, is appropriate. They don’t even have to be made of flowers. Over the years, many other small objects have been used to create them. An example would be shells for a beach wedding. Boutonnieres should always be worn on the left side of the body, just below the collarbone.


Standing Out

When looking at the men standing at the altar, picking out the lucky guy is a must. There are many ways to make the groom stand out; here are a few to consider. In a casual wedding, the groom may include elements to dress him up a bit more than the other men. For example, he can add a vest or tie. In a casual yet fancy ceremony, the groomsmen may wear a different color suit than the groom. In a highly sophisticated wedding, the man of the hour can wear all white or strictly black and white, while the groomsmen wear black and white or incorporate colors of the wedding.Stand Out

Deciding the Dress: Bridesmaids

It’s up to the bride to choose the dress, or dresses, that her bridesmaids wear along with her maid of honor. There is much leeway when making this decision, but there are many opinions and attitudes to handle. Everyone wants to look beautiful, especially when they are in the wedding. That’s why it’s easy to understand that the girls may put up a fight during this process to get what they want. Try not to give up the vision you have of your wedding because of a tantrum; this day is about you, not them. Choose your girls wisely, and do your best to make them look pretty in your wedding. Four steps in deciding on the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses are color, length, fabric, and accessories.Options

. . . . .

Color ChartFirst, you should decide color. Normally it is chosen to correspond to your wedding theme and/or color scheme. When shopping for a dress or ordering one online, you should have the color you want in mind to avoid getting attached to a dress that won’t go with your theme.

  • The Maid of Honor—The color for the maid of honor’s dress can be the same as the other bridesmaids, or be different so that she stands apart. This is a decision that is up to you. Some prefer a more uniform look in order to not distract from the bride. Meanwhile others wish to do something special for the maid of honor to show her importance to the bride or to reward her for her hard work in planning the wedding.

Second, try to narrow down a length. The rule with this is that the bride’s gown should be longer than those of her bridal party. Don’t get too hung up on the length being too long; you can almost always hem it. Word of caution, if the bottom is overly detailed it may be difficult to find someone to do it for you. Also, consider the time and place of your wedding when choosing a length. If it will be cooler maybe lean towards floor length. It may be smart to choose a knee length dress for an outdoor wedding with a chance of rain.

  • The Maid of Honor—The length for the maid of honor doesn’t have to agree with the length of the other bridesmaids, again it is up to you. Note that the rule of thumb saying her dress shouldn’t exceed the bride’s still stands. It is more common to see the maid of honor with a dress that is slightly longer than the other bridesmaids than for it to be shorter.

Third, think about what type of fabric that would work best. This is important for two reasons: theme and flattery. Fabric helps develop your wedding theme. For example, a chiffon dress appears breezy and light which is perfect for a beach wedding. Meanwhile a vineyard wedding with long satin dresses creates elegance. Fabric can also make or break whether a dress flatters your bridesmaids. Fabrics lay differently on body types. A polyester satin dress may not look so great on a heavier set lady, because it shows what every inch of the skin is like underneath. Organza might make a bridesmaid look plain if her shape it’s well defined.

  • The Maid of Honor—The fabric of the maid of honor’s dress is normally the same as the other bridesmaids, assuming the bride chose to use one type explicitly.


Fourth, after finding the dress that fits you, the wedding, and each bridesmaid it’s time to accessorize. Hair, shoes, and jewelry can either by synced or left to the girls to choose.

  • When it comes to hair the bride can choose one of three approaches. One, she can tell them to do as they please. Two, she can decide whether they will wear it up or down and leave the rest for each girl to decide individually. Three, she chooses one style for them, and they all get their hair done together. This depends on budget and personal preference.
  • Shoes are much the same story. The bride can give her bridesmaids free reign, choose a color or style they must stick to, or buy multiple pairs of the same shoe so that they all match exactly.
  • Jewelry and other accessories are often a combination of the methods above. For example, the bride gives them a hair piece or earrings they must wear and let them add anything else they wish to.


. . . . .

The bridesmaids’ dresses offer room for creativity. Let them speak for your wedding and personality. Make them uniform or give them variety, choose one color or a pallet, have your maid of honor stand out. Whatever you decide on make sure that it’s what you want for your wedding!

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

There is a long running tradition that says the bride should obtain something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on her wedding day. Most people don’t include “and a sixpence in your shoe.” This is primarily a British contribution and is difficult for us to get ahold of. Don’t worry about it too much though; these are all good luck charms. Each of the pieces symbolizes a trait that is wished upon the bride and her groom.

Something Old

Something old is to bring continuity to the bride. Continuity can be defined as “the quality of something that does not stop or change as time passes.” This refers to the love and commitment that the bride and groom feel at the time of their wedding. The strong pull causing them to marry should never escape them with the help of this charm.

Ideas to consider for your something old could be anything from wearing your mother’s wedding dress to putting on the same makeup that you wear every day. A few others may be jewelry from a grandmother, any type works well. More creatively, some bride’s choose to wrap old jewelry around the stem of their bouquet while others put pendants on safety pins and attach them to their wedding dress/garter.Old

Something New

Something new brings future optimism. Having a bright future is something that everyone wishes for the newlyweds. The tradition says that if you incorporate a new item into the bride’s wedding attire this will be true for the couple.

This is the easiest piece of the old, new, borrowed, and blue puzzle. Buying your own wedding dress, shoes, or jewelry is a quick way to get ahold of your something new.New

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed brings happiness to the bride. Happiness encompasses so many things for so many people. Words that are used to describe this feeling are bliss, contentment, pleasure, and joy. Although happiness is intangible, it is one of the most important things for a bride and her groom. Wedding days are often considered the happiest days of a person’s life, usually until the birth of a child with someone they love. It makes since to attempt to hold onto the joy that is felt on this day for the rest of their marriage.

First of all, your something borrowed can come from anyone. Secondly, it can be anything. A few ideas would be a veil, hair piece, or bracelet. Getting something to have for your wedding day from someone you love can be one of the most cherished charms.Borrowed

Something Blue

Something blue brings luck for love, purity, and fidelity. Anyone who has watched the bride and groom look into each other’s eyes knows love. Purity refers to the state in which people are free from wrongful actions. Then there is the most crucial of these, fidelity. Fidelity is the “faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.” It’s also a “sexual faithfulness to a spouse or partner.” This is extremely important in a marriage. Fidelity is a way of describing marriage as a whole.

The most common ways to add blue to the bride are through garters and sapphire jewelry. You may want to lean toward a blue garter if you wish for the bride to be in all white. On the other hand, your engagement ring could contain a sapphire stone. Regardless of what you choose, this is definitely worthy of a good luck charm.Blue

Sixpence in her Shoe

The sixpence in her shoe brings prosperity. A sixpence is a coin worth six old pence, which is equivalent to 1/40 of a pound of silver. Not many people have these coins lying around their home. A way to hold on to this tradition by making it your own would be to place a penny in her shoe. Pennies have been said to work as good luck charms for wealth as well. That makes this an easy replacement for the sixpence.Penny

 . . . . .

Realize that one item can represent more than one of these pieces. An example would be an heirloom from a relative that could fulfill both the old and borrowed. Or a custom trinket can be created to represent each of them. Many brides choose to attach safety pin to their wedding dress or garter. The pin contains small items they have chosen to be their something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Deciding the Dress: For the Bride

Many different options are involved when choosing the perfect wedding dress. You must choose a veil, neckline, waistline, skirt, and train. Within each of those areas there are many styles to consider. This post guides you through each of the components of a wedding dress in order to help you choose the best fit for you.

. . . . .

First, veils are the most iconic feature that a bride can incorporate into her wedding attire. The many lengths of veils correspond to the type of ceremony that is chosen. However, there are many things to consider when picking out a veil.

  • The blusher is not a veil alone, it is merely an addition
  • The most popular is the elbow length
  •  Shoulder length veils are uncommon
  •  Fingertip length veils aren’t typically paired with dresses that have trains
  • Drama increases as the length of the veil increases

When choosing your veil it is extremely important to consider your venue, party attire, and your personality. If you are looking for a causal event then maybe you want to look into the elbow or fingertip lengths. On the other hand, if you want an elegant wedding with drama the chapel and cathedral lengths might be more your style.Veil- Copy

Second, there are seven necklines to choose from including: Square, Sweetheart, Boat, Scoop, Jewel, V-neck, and Surplice. It is extremely important to consider your upper body. In order to look like the perfect bride, the neckline must not be too bulky or too revealing. More busty brides should lean toward Scoop, Boat, and Jewel necklines. Small chested ladies would look better in Sweetheart, Square, and Surplice necklines.

Necklines - Copy

Third, a waistline that will prove to be flattering is essential. All women want to look skinny and this is where that can be made possible. Avoiding a dress that will drown or suffocate the bride is an absolute must. Slimmer women might look more toward the Basque or Drop waists. Meanwhile heavier set women might lean toward the Empire Waist or Princess Seam.

Waistlines- Copy

Fourth, skirts add personality to any dress. For a more simple and conservative look the Fanback or Streamers styles would be the way to go. Bubbles, Overskirts, and Bustles create a princess feel while Tiered and Flounce seem punk. There are many statements that can be made by the skirt of a dress; make sure your decision reflects how your guests should see you.

Skirt - Copy

Fifth, one of the most iconic aspects of a wedding dress is the train. The different styles of trains can match the level of formality of your wedding. Of the trains shown below, they become more formal as you move to the right. For example, a simple outdoor wedding would most likely feature a bride with a Sweep train. However, a bride with a Watteau train belongs to an upscale wedding in a vineyard.

Trains - Copy

No matter what type of wedding you are planning, choosing the right dress is a must. Be careful when inviting friends and family to accompany you. They have to be supportive of you and focus on what is best for you, not them. Say Yes to The Dress is a fun tv show to watch when thinking about your dress. They have a wide range of styles and could be helpful in your search.

Every groom deserves to look back and see their bride as more beautiful than they ever have before. Let love be your inspiration for your wedding day decisions. I hope this has been helpful and good luck! Feel free to comment below!